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"D is through the tunnel (hurray!), thinking he's not RAD any more (!!) and generally swell-headed or "down". My "alertness" has subsided (didn't know how much I was "crazed" by that). There are times I still need to catch him. He still is young: unable to "read" others emotions so can easily take things personally that not. He isn't yet really comfortable with his emotions. This makes empathy hard. When he is confused or out of line he is easily brought close though he might object a bit before submitting. Christmas holiday week came just at the right time. The day before it began, I was ready to haul him out of school again! I think he misses me. He is practicing basketball 4 days a week after school (on the varsity team!) so only sees us a small bit with dinner and homework (takes him a long time to do). I'm going to sit in on his practices when school begins. We did have a very happy and relaxed vacation week. Oh, he has said a few times that he would like to see you again sometime. He likes you a lot! And is very thankful he is not where he was.

Really wanted to just thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the wonderful son I now have. And for the great job you do for so many people! May God give you a most happy and healthy New Year!  Mary "

D was seen at our clinic over two years ago. He was about ten years of age and had been adopted when he was about five. He had an extensive history of multiple placements in foster care and psychiatric hospitals. He had multiple failed previous treatments. His parents were feeling at the end of their rope when they approached us. After the two-week intensive, the family continued treatment for several months with a therapist we trained in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. D and his family continued to make excellent progress. They completed treatment over a year ago with their follow-up therapist.


The Petersen family came to the Center last year with their daughter, Diana, who was eight. Diana had been adopted from India when she was four and half years old. Our staff provided parent training in attachment-facilitating parenting and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. The family was diligent in their work with Diana and the results speak for themselves.

Just wanted to let you know...

You have released our daughter to the world. I am sitting here watching her play at a neighbor's house, laughing and enjoying her life as a normal 8 year old. She has dropped four more pounds since you last saw her and she is loving her life. It's like every day is a new experience for her. We have rediscovered our daughter because of you and she is even more than we dreamed she could be. Thank you so much for giving us our daughter. And she thanks you for her life too...

God Bless You
The Petersen Family


This letter was written by a teenager, Peter, age eighteen to the Judge of his county’s family court.  Peter had a very difficult past, having been abused and neglected until he was removed from his birth family at six years of age, living in a series of nine foster homes and two residential placements before being adopted at the age of ten.  He wrote this letter to the Judge after hearing from a foster parent with whom he’d remained close, that the judge had been told by a professional that “Attachment Therapy” does not work for children older than eight years old.  Peter began therapy when he was seventeen and recently ended treatment.  He’ll be graduating high school next year.

June 7. 2005

Hon Judge XXXX,

I heard about a foster parent that wants to take their child to Attachment Therapy [1] . You heard that it couldn't work because it only works for children from the age of one up to eight years old. You think that the “pros” were right about what they said, but please listen to what happened to me.  Attachment Therapy was the hardest thing that I have done in my life. I am glad that I went through this with Laurie, my therapist. I look at my life before I went to Laurie. I see a boy that was not willing to talk about his past, I had no friends and I couldn't focus on schoolwork. I couldn't sleep at night; I would think about the nightmares from my past. I couldn't control my anger. I ate ice cream, and anything I could get my hands on, but I was never filled. I would think about wanting to hurt someone. I could not trust anyone. 

After about five months of Attachment Therapy I felt that I could tell things because I could trust Mom and Dad, and Laurie. Why is this therapy the best? It makes the person able to get the bad things out, not just cover up like the other therapies. The bad things are what had happened to them in the past, not things that are happening now. I know if the person is willing to work his life will change. The person is going to have to work every time very hard. It will not be an easy task to have them go through and talk about their emotions If I had not gone to Attachment Therapy I could have been in jail!!!

I think that you should rethink your decision about Attachment Therapy. Attachment Therapy changed my life. Laurie was the best person that I have seen about my life. I have tried other different counselors but they hadn't helped. I am glad that mom led me to Attachment Therapy, because now I can control my emotions and talk about my feelings and problems I have. I don't feel alone anymore. When someone is done going through therapy, they will feel better about themselves.  I have the strength to face problems.  Now that you have a good example of a kid at the age of eighteen who went through Attachment Therapy, do you still think the pros are still right on what they said?   

Attachment Therapy does work!!!!!  


[1] Attachment Therapy means Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy as practiced at The Center For Family Development,  See: Creating Capacity for Attachment (Eds.) Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D., & Deborah Shell, MA, LCMHC, Barnes ‘N’ Wood, 2005.




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