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Mental Health Professionals


You may find this listing of Therapists helpful to you.  These therapists are all practitioners of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, an evidence-based therapy for the treatment of persons with trauma-attachment disorders. I have trained them in one of my Master Classes weeklong training classes at Colby College in Maine.  In addition, you can find a listing of therapists who meet the standards to become a registered clinician of The Association for the Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children at  If you cannot find someone in your community, you might want to call the therapist who is closest to you and see if that person can recommend anyone in your immediate area.  However, it is not unusual to have to travel a few hours each way in order to get the necessary treatment.


Mental Health Professionals List

The material displayed for each Mental Health professional was provided by that person.  The Center For Family Development is not responsible for any erroneous or misleading information.  It is the responsibility of parents who may wish to consult with a specific person, to verify the provider’s licensure, credentials, and approach.



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