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Principles of Attachment Parenting
by Arthur Becker-Weidman, PhD

DVDs (also available on VHS at a discount!)

This set of three DVDs about attachment-facilitating parenting is designed for parents and professionals who live and work with adopted and foster children and children with trauma-attachment disorders.  This set will be useful for professionals in the adoption and foster care field who train adoptive and foster families and who work with adopted and foster children.  Parents will discover a healthy and healing framework for effectively parenting children with trauma-attachment disorders. 

In this set you will learn about:

  • Development of attachment


    for one set of
    3 DVDs


    $75.00 $35.00
    one set of 3 VHS TAPES


  • Causes and symptoms of Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Neurobiology - effects on the brain
  • Principals for parenting
  • Parenting techniques, help for school and treatment
The presentation begins with a discussion of what attachment is, how it normally develops and how chronic early maltreatment can cause a broad range of problems.  A brief summary of the effects of chronic early maltreatment on brain development is also presented.  Several clips of children and parents are shown throughout the presentation to highlight various points.  The bulk of the presentation is about attachment-facilitating parenting.  The approach presented is a gentle non-intrusive approach that is consistent with Attachment Theory and current thinking about the neurobiology of interpersonal behavior.  Dr. Becker-Weidman intersperses case vignettes with dyadic material and tapes of actual sessions to demonstrate the principles presented. 






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