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There is hope and there is help.  Even very damaged children, adolescents, and adults heal.  The correct parenting, coupled with the right attitude (one of empathy, curiosity, acceptance, playfulness, and love), and therapy heal children.  Effective parenting requires providing significant structure and nurturance.  The structure provides safety and security for the family and child.  The nurturance (empathy, curiosity, acceptance, playfulness, and love) is what heals.  Therapy opens the child, lowers barriers, and allows the child to face the child's trauma so that child can accept love and health.

I hope that you find the following notes and comments by children who have successfully completed treatment at The Center For Family Development hopeful and helpful.  As you see, children do heal and there is hope.

A thought provoking and inspiring essay written by a mother about her child's journey.  A Child's Journey to Parvuli Dei.

When Dan, age 13, ended therapy, we wrote this letter describing himself and how therapy helped him.

Eric, age 11, wrote this letter to the little prince.  His mother's moving poem at the end of the letter describes her view of treatment.  

Dan, age 17 now, was in therapy at age 13.  He is now graduating high school and will be enlisting in the Air Force.  Read his moving story.

Sara, age 15, had an interesting reaction to our first meeting during the assessment.  Her mother's note describes this.  

Note From Ann to her brother.  Ann is 16 years old and was adopte







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