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Chinese Orphanage


The photo’s you will see are from an Orphanage in Maoming China, the Maoming Social Welfare Institution.  This orphanage is rather well run, with about four caregivers per room of eighteen to twenty infants or toddlers.  All of the over one hundred infants and toddlers in the orphanage are matched with adoptive families.  In addition, there are a few severely disabled older children in the orphanage. 

On the grounds of the orphanage is a day-center for the elderly.  Since all the infants and toddlers have been matched, we were not able to take any photographs of the children.  The photographs you will see are of the facility and staff and of the staff and director meeting a group of children who had been adopted from Maoming several years ago who had returned for a “reunion” trip, sponsored by Our Chinese Daughter’s Foundation. 


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