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Support Group for Parents of Children with Attachment Disorder



770 Hopkins Road, Williamsville, NY

RSVP: 716-810-0790




Parents of Attachment Disordered children experience a high level of stress and need support and understanding in order to help their children and survive as a family.  This support group is intended as an opportunity for parents to share parenting strategies, learn about approaches that work, support others, find support, and develop cooperative respite arrangements.  This is not a treatment group or therapy.

The group is sponsored by The Center For Family Development and is open to all families with an attachment-disordered child.  The parent members run the group and there is no charge for the group.  This group is not intended to replace any existing parent support groups.  It is offered as an opportunity to get specific help from other parents, many of whom have developed successful strategies, and learn specific approaches that work with these children.

The Center For Family Development is Western New York’s only Attachment Center.  We specialize in treating adopted and foster children and helping parents learn to facilitate developmental attachment. 

For more information, please call The Center For Family Development at 716-810-0790.



Reactive Attachment Disorder Adult Resource

For more information on dates and locations call

 Cindy 716-569-5456
Dorothy: 716-789-4769
Donna 716-769-7587
 The group meets monthly in Chautauqua County




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